Get closer to your fans.
Let them support your craft.

Use URfeed’s video-first community platform
to connect with your people ‘face-to-face’.

You want:

🛠️ Better tools to connect with your fans.

💰 A reliable regular income to feel secure.

👀 100% of your fans see your content.

URfeed lets you:

📽️ Form deeper connections through video.

💵 Earn income from your biggest supporters.

💯 Reach all your fans without paid posts.

We are still in beta and only working with selected artists, creators and sports stars.

Turn Your Audience
into an Army

Reclaim your community

Launch a dedicated feed, where you set the rules.

Real talk!

Talk openly & reach only your real fans 100% of the time.

Amplify your actions

Create an ‘inner circle’ that is there for you at every moment.

Fan forum

Let your fans meet & connect with each other, take the pressure off you to be creating more and more content.

1000 True fans
& beyond

In 2008 Wired magazine’s Kevin Kelly first said that all an artist or creator needs is 1,000 true fans to maintain a career. We agree!

Find your true fans.

URfeed lets you filter through your passive audience to find your true supporters.

Let them feed
your creativity.

Your fans are willing and able to support your creativity, give them a chance to show their love.

Give them the
recognition they deserve

Let your fans enjoy the joy of video interaction, and bring their comments to life.

Co-create with
your members

Get direct real time feedback on your work, even ask for ideas on what you should create next.

“URfeed lets me bring my people together and generate revenue to help support my music. Video messaging connects everyone in a way I have not seen on a social platform before and this connection between members creates value for the community outside of just my content”


Feed your creativity with a
new revenue stream

subscription tiers

There’s so many ways to engage with your fans. Create subscription tiers that make sense for you.

Break the insecurity of irregular ad revenues or per stream payouts that are not under your control.

More revenue generating
features are coming

Give yourself the financial freedom to plan and develop your creative output knowing you have a regular income to support you.
More exciting new features are coming

Features you
will love ❤️


You control who can join.
You set the rules.

No keyboard
warriors ⌨️ 👹

Real people having real conversations. Less trolls, more friendships.


Give key members moderation controls to support managing the community.

Free from the algorithms

Your members see everything you post in your community.


No content from other sources. You have the full attention of your community.


You can instantly block any content and remove any users.

We are still in beta and only working with selected artists, creators and sports stars.

  • This is not our platform.

  • It’s yours.

  • Your people

  • Your community

  • Your rules