But not as you know it.

URfeed is a video first conversation platform for your community, your team or just your friends.
A new type of experience where people talk ‘Face to Face’ and come together.

Video first

Empower your community to really get to know and support each other by providing a place to be seen, heard and recognized.
It's video messaging so no need for everyone to be online at the same time, join in when it’s convenient for you.

People coming together

Bring your supporters and their comments to life by meeting the people behind them. Video communities build a real, deep and meaningful connection, and cultivate a self sustaining group of highly engaged and like minded people.

It’s good to talk.

URfeed is all about the conversation. The interaction between your members will drive engagement and power the experience allowing them to bond through their shared passions, goals and interests.

No keyboard warriors

Real people having real conversations. Seeing the person speaking changes the experience. No trolls, more friendships.
Connecting with people is good for the soul.

Take control

You give access to who can join.
You set the rules.

Community Moderation

Give key members in your community moderation controls or additional features to support you in managing the community.

Free from the algorithms

Your members see everything you post in your community.

Dedicated community

No content from other sources. You have the full attention of your community.

Block and remove users instantly

You can instantly block any content in your community and remove any user. Our mobile phone sign up means blocked users can’t quickly rejoin via email.

Get paid to get people talking

Create a place that brings people together. A place where they can meet and talk to like minded people.

Give yourself creative freedom.

Very soon you will be able to create membership subscriptions to help you generate a new revenue stream.

We are also working on a range of other exciting revenue features to help community creators support their creative output.

Where we started & Where we are going

Features we start with:

  • Unique video invites
  • QR code invites
  • Video message discussion threads
  • Video commenting
  • Video editing with image, gif & sticker overlays
  • Private Feeds & custom Channels
  • Member profiles
  • Moderation tools
  • Custom community rules
  • Auto video welcome messages
  • Membership directory
  • Search members, feeds, posts
  • Share content via web view
  • HQ platform

Features coming:

  • Monetisation tools and features
  • Sharing gated/ paywalled content
  • Community dashboard
  • Member badges and rewards
  • Improved community gating
  • AR Video filters
  • Event features
  • Analytics
  • Live video

This is not our platform.
It’s yours.

  • Your people
  • Your community
  • Your rules
  • URfeed